The “first blog”!!!!

Why is this blog called 40yearstoindia ?

The last time I was in India was when I was 8 years old. The trip was planned after 40 years by my amazing parents and spectacular individuals that I have been blessed to be born to, Sue and Viran Bhatt. I am looking forward to growing my relationship and friendship with my sister Manisha. I hope to shed some of my experiences and observations with you as I travel to the land of my forefathers of which I do not know much about but am anxious to learn thru words and pictures. I hope that you all enjoy and share with your friends and family. I am not a talented writer…but I can fix a body part or two… I hope that I can give you a vision of what I see and experience with my family.

All is packed and the venture will begin tomorrow!!! Gonna squeeze a couple of patients in tomorrow morning after having breakfast tomorrow with some great friends at UT Golf Club maybe get some wisdom from a past World Series Champion and travel advise from the Boys Club. Pack up the F150 (yes I have become a proud Texan and indian Canadian…lol) Drive to Fort Worth and spend the evening catching up with Wade and Patty Smith. I have know Wade since about 1995 when I hired him at the Spine and Rehab Center as an exercise physiologist. He has blossomed into an amazing Physician Assistant in a great orthopedic practice in Ft. Worth. He and his awesome wife Patty have offered me a place to stay before I leave for Dubai on Wednesday morning. I look forward to catching up with them!

I have never flown Emirates Airlines and look forward to the experience…if anyone has miles on Emirates and wants to share them to bump me up that would be great….haha (but seriously….). 14.5 hours in the air and I will arrive. First things first! A great meeting has been set up in Dubai at the Butch Harmon School of Golf and will get to meet a fellow Canadian and golf teaching stud Alex Riggs. I hope to spread the word of SwingBak as well as learn some great golf knowledge that I can share with my patients and PGA players!  Dubai for 4 days then to India. First stop the Taj Mahal….can’t wait!

I look forward to reading your responses and getting your feedback!







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